The Flash | Episode 18: Legends of Today, Running to Stand Still, Potential Energy, The Reverse-Flash Returns, Fast Lane, Welcome to Earth-2 feat. Flash TV Talk

It's been a long hiatus – longer than it should have been – but Derek and Steve are back, joined by their Earth-2 counterparts Beau York and Matt Beall of Flash TV Talk ahead of the foursome's appearance on The CW's Fan Talk for 'Escape From Earth-2' on Feb. 16. Hear Starkville Labs and Flash TV Talk discuss each of the aforementioned episodes from 2016 bringing us current and keeping us that way as we work to discover the mysteries of Jay Garrick, Hunter Zolomon, Zoom and Earth-2. Note: This episode is centered around 'The Flash' – a standalone episode for recent 'Supergirl' episodes is forthcoming.