Supergirl | Episode 21 - 'The Adventures of Supergirl'

Derek and Beau York discuss the new episode of 'Supergirl' which is now on the CW with sister shows like 'The Flash,' 'Arrow' and 'Legends of Tomorrow.' The lack of 'CSI' money hasn't slowed down the Girl of Steel and in her first outing on the new network, she's joined by her cousin - maybe you've heard of him? Superman lands in National City with a new look and tone for the show, which is still, rightfully, all about Supergirl.

The Flash | Episode 18: Legends of Today, Running to Stand Still, Potential Energy, The Reverse-Flash Returns, Fast Lane, Welcome to Earth-2 feat. Flash TV Talk

It's been a long hiatus – longer than it should have been – but Derek and Steve are back, joined by their Earth-2 counterparts Beau York and Matt Beall of Flash TV Talk ahead of the foursome's appearance on The CW's Fan Talk for 'Escape From Earth-2' on Feb. 16. Hear Starkville Labs and Flash TV Talk discuss each of the aforementioned episodes from 2016 bringing us current and keeping us that way as we work to discover the mysteries of Jay Garrick, Hunter Zolomon, Zoom and Earth-2. Note: This episode is centered around 'The Flash' – a standalone episode for recent 'Supergirl' episodes is forthcoming.

Supergirl & The Flash | Episode 17: 'Livewire' | 'Gorilla Warfare'

Steve and Derek cover the fourth episode of 'Supergirl' (which was originally supposed to be the fifth episode, but rescheduled due to the recent attacks on Paris) and the seventh episode of 'The Flash.' In addition to discussions within, an announcement that Derek will be on CW Fan Talk ahead of 'The Flash'/'Arrow' two-part crossover on Tues., Dec. 1. Don't miss it! 

The Flash & Supergirl | Episode 16: 'Enter Zoom' | 'Fight or Flight'

Derek and Steve discuss the sixth and third episodes of last week's 'The Flash' and 'Supergirl.' Up first, the podcasting duo tackle Zoom, with new theories and insights on who the masked speedster is and what he's after. Then at 51:44, it's all about Supergirl, her cousin (gasp!) Superman and everything in between, as Kara fights to be relevant and prove she doesn't need the Man of Steel to fight her battles for her - or any man for that matter! Two great outings from two fantastic shows - all in one super-sized episode for your enjoyment!

Supergirl & The Flash | Episode 15: 'Stronger Together'| 'The Darkness and the Light'

Steve and Derek are joined by sometimes-co-host Craig Byrne of Kryptonsite and FlashTVNews to tackle the second episode of Supergirl season one as well as the fifth episode of The Flash. Topics include spoken Krytopnese on screen, the dynamic of Kara and her cousin Clark Kent, the true intentions of Hank Henshaw as well as the true identity of Zoom over in Central City. Also, all that new CBS money means better soundtracks for Supergirl, including The Oak Ridge Boys. Discussion of The Flash starts at 58:40.

The Flash & Supergirl | Episode 14: 'Family of Rogues' / 'The Fury of Firestorm' | 'Pilot'

Episode 14 of Starkville Labs launches a new era for the show, bringing back Starkville House of El (the longest-running and number one rated Smallville podcast) as Derek and Steve start talking about the new CBS series, Supergirl. But first, the podcasting duo discuss the two most recent episodes of The Flash, and what Zoom holds for Barry as well as the re-introduction of Harrison Wells. And then at the 49:35 timestamp, discussion of the pilot of Supergirl begins - which brought in 16 million viewers. And we can't wait to talk about this new series with you guys. Cue the music!

The Flash | Episode 12: Singularity Mulligan or 'The Man Who Saved Central City'

We're back - but more importantly, so is 'The Flash'! Season two of the hit series premiered Tuesday on The CW and Steve and Derek wrap up where they left off with season one and debate the possibilities of where the new season is headed with our characters. Special guest Beau York from Flash TV Talk joins the duo to discuss how the multiverse will work in the new season, and what they'd like to see happen as a result.

The Flash | Episode 10: 'Tricksters'

Derek and Steve welcome Dane Davenport of Between the Panels to discuss the seventeenth episode of season one of 'The Flash,' 'Tricksters.' The Hulk makes a brief return to the show, we go deep into the history of Mark Hamill as The Trickster, and even John C. Reilly shows up. Also, Harrison Wells? Yep. That happened. All that and more on this episode of Starkville Labs.

The Flash | Episode 09: 'Fallout' / 'Out of Time' / 'Rogue Time'

Steve and Derek tackle the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth episodes of season one of 'The Flash' - 'Fallout,' 'Out of Time,' & 'Rogue Time.' Lots of talk about time travel, skewing off, and the Incredible Hulk lie within. We try to make sense of the timeline, and end up giving the Hulk is own one-hour variety special on CBS.